Söll is born out of error and conflict

Söll is Jorge Pandeirada, musician and composer from Portugal. Interested in the concepts of randomness and musical error. Pandeirada has a degree in Music Production and Electronic Music at ESART, Castelo Branco, and a Master in Multimedia and Sound Design at FEUP, Oporto.
“Cävv”, released in 2015, is Söll’s debut in electronic music, a field which he ingeniously explores. In doing so he produces a sound that is rich, detailed, fine-grained, hypnotizing and, well, timeless.

In his second album, Söll looks at a delicate and upcoming theme: death.
“Zar Aga Ta”, composed entirely for the play “Consummatum Est.”, Joe Orton’s “Loot” adaptation, explores an imaginary death in the first person, as if at the last moment the subject was given the capacity for awareness of the end itself. In this work, the author imagines a slow, poisoned death filled with confused and sickly thoughts. In this way there is room to explore a struggle of the subject against oneself. Whoever dies, dies alone.
“Zar Aga Ta” results from the desire to make music for a theater play, both by composition, which during his conception always had a very present theme, as by the performance implied in the theater. Both are in a live electronic experimental act that crosses the compositions written in detail, with the improvised use of instruments constructed by the author.

“The music tenderly offered by Söll reveals an immense desire not to be satisfied with an inconsequential artistic experimentalism very typical of our day. In this second work you can feel the desire to transpose these superficial barriers by deepening the palette of sounds that it uses, the raw material used, the treatment and the final objective that it gives. Zar Aga Ta is environment, it is a slow and constantly changing cycle. It’s Time. Looking for Timbre, Sound. But it’s more than that. It is an open door to the artist’s intimacy and a further step in building the definition of what he wants to show the world. Proof that it is here to stay. For me, Zar Aga Ta is an electronic album to hear while sitting – or lying – with headphones or nothing less than a spectacular sound system.” by Manuel Brásio – Interferência.

Söll – Zar Aga Ta

The album was composed exclusively for the theatre play “Consummatum Est”, a reinterpretation from Joe Orton’s “Loot”.

A edição física é uma parceria Covil/Pássaro Vago.

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