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Rafael Toral – Saturn

Rafael Toral – Saturn Rafael Toral – Electronic Instruments João Pais Filipe – Drums and Percussion | Psysical Edition available Soon | “Saturn” continues an ongoing post-Space Program expansion into new contexts for free phrasing on Rafael Toral’s electronic instruments. From the jazz-rock groove opening on Saturn I to the metallic drone ambiance on bells, […]

Bwcolors – Unknown Path

Unknown Path by Bwcolors Bicolors – Unknown Path Unknown Path é o EP de estreia de Bwcolors. Uma viagem electrónica onde a melodia se encontra com a luz e a sombra com o vazio do espaço. Atmosferas psicadélicas exprimem-se nas cordas da guitarra e a leveza dos ambientes sonoros projecta o visual num local remoto […]